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"This was the most amazing, uplifting, incredible thing I have ever experienced. To feel that I will again have control of my life and NOT be controlled by cigarettes is hard to describe. 


Wish me luck on my new journey through life! Thank you!"


"The most amazing experience! Terrie has freed me, and it feels incredible."


"I had used, abused, and depended on alcohol for the last 25 years. Since seeing Terrie in March of 2016 to treat this addiction, I have been sober ever since and feel absolutely assured of sobriety for the rest of my life. 


Subsequent to that visit I have also lost 18kg to date and gained freedom, clarity, and self-esteem. If I ever feel like I could use extra motivation to reach my goals I just listen to her hypnosis recordings and let her work and healing run its course.


Terrie has forever changed my life, my children’s lives, and has introduced a cycle I am proud to pass down the generations. Terrie is amazingly gifted and authentic, generous, and to whom I refer to as my Angel Lady. I am forever blessed and grateful for finding Terrie."


"Feel completely refreshed and recharged and excited! To start my journey to a healthier more controlled life as a NON SMOKER. Thanks Terrie, you are the best."


"I feel incredibly in control. So relaxed, positive. 


An unbelieveable process. Terrie guides you the whole way and you feel that you are in the best hands. Highly recommended!"


"I found hypnosis very relaxing and I am walking out of here positive and excited about being a non-smoker for the rest of my life."


"I feel like a non-smoker. What an amazing experience. No words can describe the way I am feeling right now."


"I feel very relaxed. I have an inner sense of peace. Breathing feels easier."


"I feel RELIEVED in order to re-emerge my body, soul, spirit, and finally grip the heights of my chariot to calmly step forward and complete my life’s work."


Only two weeks later and resisting triggers is so much easier than ever before. The rather mantra like “script” of the hypnosis sessions contains useful material to recall later which both fights off the smoking “urges” and provides a very positive mental strength to stay “clean”. The breathing substitute also works well. I feel much more alive, sleep a lot better, and of course, have a lot more money!"

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