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Worry, tension, anxiety – sometimes it seems that these are just facts of life. We know how unpleasant stress can be – said to contribute to something like 80 percent of illnesss – stress is a factor in everything from gum disease to heart attack, from IBS to migraines.

Do you ever wonder about the difference between people who manage their stress and those who don’t? Are healthy people simply lucky, somehow managing to avoid traffic, grouchy bosses, demanding customers and gossipy co-workers?

You know better, don’t you?

It is possible to learn healthier habits of breathing, thinking and even feeling that allow you to navigate the emotional and physical barriers of day-to-day life with grace and zest. And this kind of change – giving yourself a new automatic response to the idea of speaking in public, for example – is best made at the subconscious level of the mind. That’s the level where the autonomic nervous system connects with your thoughts.

Most of us realize that the fight-or-flight response isn’t the best way to deal with the challenges of our lives – but it’s one thing to know something and another to feel it.

Using hypnosis and NLP, it’s possible to get comfortable enough to reach the deepest level of your mind. Once there, it becomes possible to let go of old and outdated thoughts and reactions that are getting in the way of your comfort and peace.


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