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Quit Alcohol

Have you tried to stop drinking but failed? In Australia, alcohol is the preferred drug of choice for many. It’s socially acceptable for all classes and age groups.

Its use affects the reward pathways in the brain.

Most of us use it wisely for enjoyment in social settings, but for some of us drinking can become a serious problem.

Have you tried to stop or cut back on drinking? Alcohol changes the chemistry within the brain. The balance of the brain is a fragile one. Long term exposure increases tolerance levels, as the brain gets used to the alcohol being there. Those who drink to excess regularly, then stop drinking suddenly, can experience some unpleasant physiological side effects, as the brain readjusts itself back.

I can help you reduce your alcohol consumption by offering a tailored treatment plan designed around your individual circumstances and relationship with alcohol. By working with the subconscious mind, I can help to alter your mind’s positive associations with alcohol, allowing you to effectively and naturally overcome your habitual behaviour. Hypnosis effectively ‘turbo-boosts’ your willpower, making the process of reducing alcohol consumption easier and more comfortable. I can help you live a happier and healthier life free from alcohol dependency.


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